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Woodlands is a series of photographs about the spirituality, mythology and history of forest landscapes. This is a history that is complex, haunting and also fraught with injustice. The images grapple with this multi-faceted way of relating to the woods. At the same time, the role of landscape photography has changed under threat of imminent climate crisis. Woodlands is a tribute to the environment, both its resilience and fragility.


Specifically, the work looks at the ways that trees can be seen as extensions of the human experience. The images search for moments where nature is acting in human ways or that show the origin of our behavior. In this way, they function as portraits tapping into a long tradition of seeing our bodies and selves in the trees.


The images are all produced through analog processes. They are all shot on 120 film, hand processed and printed as silver prints, cyanotypes, van dykes and lumen prints.

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